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Pebbles Advisory Sdn Bhd

Pebbles Advisory is an international trading company focusing on commodities and tech.


Pebbles Advisory Sdn Bhd aims to be the goliath solutionist to provide solutions to international supply shortages and disruptions. We analyze nations export and imports and help to not only prevent supply shortages but stimulate trade between countries.

In these global times no country is truly self-sufficient.

With many local industries relying on other nations to provide not only raw materials but processed goods.

With the demand of commodities required by the global market around the world,

global trade is a must in order to maintain economic and regional growth.

We find out what nations and industries need and find the optimum solutions to their supply problems.

We've got what you need!


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Pebbles Advisory provides business and enterprise solutions for various commodities from Refined & Crude Edible Oils , Rice for consumption and industrial use, Sugar, Meat and Poultry, Sand/Silica and more upon request.

Pebbles Advisory can accommodate business and product needs such as Halal & Kosher certifications.

Real Estate & Internet of Things

Pebbles Advisory was founded in 2018 as a real estate company which evolved over time into commodities and embraced IR4.0 and the internet of Things. 


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